Interview: Truncate (Audio Injection)

Truncate / Audio Injection

So a lot of people know you by your other alias “Audio Injection,” which is associated with releases that are, for lack of a better word, “cleaner” sounding. In fact, it seems like the Truncate project really only came into public view in 2011. What inspired you to pursue this new Truncate path, which is sort of a more raw, deep techno sound?

I started Truncate mostly for DJ tool purposes… you can hear it in the production, they’re very DJ friendly tracks. I wanted to go a slightly different route with Truncate and do deeper, raw tracks, kinda go back to my roots of when I started buying techno records and DJing.

If you don’t mind us asking, how does the production process differ when creating Truncate tracks? Do you use analog synths, tape machines, or other “retro” gear to get that sound, or is it all digital emulation?

Truncate is all done with software, I guess I just have the ear for it after all these years, I know how I want my tracks to sound. With the Truncate stuff I tend to make it a bit dirtier and more “raw” sounding. Also keeping it pretty simple and stripped down, I guess thats what gives it the Truncate sound vs. the Audio Injection stuff which is more geared for that big room/club sound. But even now with my Audio Injection stuff its changing because I’m influencing myself with the Truncate sound, haha.

So the Truncate label, while also releasing digitally, has a strong vinyl component to it (that includes the oh-so-techno hand-stamped white labels.) However, your performances are entirely digital. Was your goal for the vinyl releases to enable vinyl DJs and aficionados to have access to the tracks, or are there other reasons?

I chose to release Truncate on vinyl because I’ve always wanted to have my own vinyl label and I think these types of tracks fit perfectly on wax as well. I came from DJing on vinyl and I still collect/buy vinyl to this day, I don’t know if I’ll ever stop, I love my record collection and I want to add more to it. As for myself DJing digitally, that is just my preference nowadays, I like DJing but still be able to add that producer element in there, like looping parts of tracks, mixing and mashing other ones together on the fly.

A lot of the Truncate artist EPs have been released on the Truncate label. Are there any plans for releasing material from other artists on this label?

For now I want to keep Truncate just for my own material with the occasional remix from friends. There are so many other labels out there to release other artists 🙂

At this point you are an artist that is clearly recognized on a global scale in the underground community. But with the Truncate project, you seem to have stayed close to your roots, releasing mostly on labels run by either yourself or other California-based artists, like Developer’s “Modularz” label or Drumcell’s “Droid Recordings.” Was this a conscious decision, or did this happen organically through long-term friendships?

When I first started Truncate I wanted to keep it “American” and with close friends but I’ve also chosen to make remixes lately for other labels, but I’m being a bit picky about it, not to burn myself out because I’m already doing tons of Audio Injection remixes. But I would like to keep Truncate a bit more special and to myself for now. There will be occasional tracks released on other labels here and there, but my main focus is on my own label.

You recently produced a remix (under the Audio Injection alias) for the first Blank Code release, Mutate’s “Circle One.” Other great artists like Drumcell and Bas Mooy also got involved. Given that Blank Code is a brand new label out of Detroit, how did this relationship come about?

I first met the Blank Code crew when I played for them in late 2011 with Drumcell, they’re super cool guys, guys I can just chill and hang out with and I liked that. They were talking about starting up their label and asked if I would be interested in remixing so I accepted. I’ve played a few shows for them now and I think we’ve built a nice relationship.

Let’s talk about the upcoming year (2013). What should we expect from Truncate? Or, for that matter, from Audio Injection or David Flores?

I’m looking at 2013 to be even busier for me. I like being in the studio producing tracks and doing remixes so for sure you’re gonna see a lot of output from me. More Truncate releases on my label, as well as a few other labels I’m working with. I’m gonna do some more Audio Injection EP’s as well, one is already finished and coming out on Droid, so that should be out sometime early 2013. I’m also gonna be touring quite a bit, so you’ll be seeing me around 🙂

Let’s end with a question that, while sort of cliche, always gets an interesting response. Which up-and-coming artists are you excited about?

There are so many producers coming up to be honest it’s hard to keep up with everyone because I receive so many promos, but lately I’ve been liking stuff from guys like Shifted, Sigha, ROD, Cosmin TRG, AnD… and lots more 🙂