Review: Sonitus Eco – Drowned in Dub EP

Sonitus Eco (often associated with the Silent Season label) and Von Bonn (Telrae) have teamed up on a functional, appropriately-titled EP on Evasion Room, “Drowned in Dub.” The EP revolves around three different versions of the deep, dubby eponymous track by Sonitus Eco himself, and is capped off with an excellent Von Bonn remix.

The first version featured on the EP is the “Suffocated Mix.” It is a stripped down, abyssal bass reverie that meanders through a cave-like sonic space, only temporarily grounding itself with a kick drum. Eco’s “Breath Mix” is described by the release’s one sheet (the description sent to record stores and music journalists) as “the sun comes out behind a cloud”. I disagree with this, and find that the mix calls to mind the very best icy dub techno tracks from the likes of Frozen Border or Horizontal Ground. The “Moog Cut” option is an exercise in thwarting expectations; it begins with an almost house-y, moderately bouncy groove, only to shift into Silent Servant-like urgency midway through the track. The Von Bonn remix takes us back into the trenches with an extended echoing atmosphere hovering over a subterranean, stomping beat.

Overall, I find this to be a very well put-together release. Eco’s three versions of “Drowned in Dub” strike an appropriate balance between variety and consistency that allows the listener to become immersed in the tracks without becoming bored. Von Bonn has truly done a service to Eco (and to the Evasion Room label) by maintaining the mood of the original tracks while reinterpreting the elements of the release through the lens of his own style.