Review: Segv / Appian: Slyfox 001


Originally Posted on Resident Advisor

Slyfox’s first release, a four track vinyl EP that bears no title, features tracks by Appian (who has recently been putting out house-sounding jams on Phuture Shock Music) and Segv, for whom there is no publicly available information other than a bio stating that he’s been “getting involved in sexy incidents since 1989.”

Despite the latter’s tongue-in-cheek description, the release is a remarkably tasteful record. The EP begins with Appian’s “Stuck in a Rut,” a heavily subdued, organic techno track. Adorned with dusty clicks and pops, it chugs along with a sort of sickly collapsing beat. “Smoker” launches with a straightforward kick and clap, but is quickly upstaged by grimy dubbed-out sweeps that seem to disregard any sane notion of rhythm; narrowly avoiding utter disarray, it’s all held together by a classically-styled techno rhythm.

Segv’s half of the release wanders into stranger territory, beginning with “” Subtly modulating bells start the track off with a steady clang (like a sedated version of James Ruskin’s “Work”). The tune then alternates between an uneasy stillness and heavy dub techno patterns. The EP ends with Segv’s “Perimeter,” a bizarre juxtaposition of techno stylings with an accelerated reggaeton-like beat.