Review: Roberto Clementi – Viper EP

Roberto Clementi Viper EP

Roberto Clementi has just released a new set of tracks on Soma Records, entitled the “Viper EP.” For those of you unfamiliar with Clementi, he is an Italian house and dub techno artist with releases on a handful of labels, including a couple that are quite relevant to my fellow dub techno fans (Steadfast, Soma).

In the EP’s eponymous track, Clementi has created a pattern of delayed chords within a heavily percussive framework that allows the (typically sedated) dub sound to work in a higher energy context. Immediately following, “Retro Chords” is a distinctly housey track that revolves around a pitch-modulated, organ-like chord progression, adorned with filtered acid stabs. Next, “Overrule” takes us back into the more dubby house sound that Clementi has become known for. The final track on the EP, “Mesm,” features a simple-but-catchy distorted synth melody that elicits a somewhat uplifting response in the listener.

This release accomplishes something that is not always easy to do: it offers functional dub techno. I truly appreciate Clementi’s ability to turn dub techno stylings into more dancefloor-friendly material. The result of his precise sound design is both useful and highly enjoyable.