Review: Milton Bradley – Reality is Wrong EP


Originally posted on Resident Advisor. 

Arguably some of the most notable contemporary purveyors of deep and strange techno, German label Prologue and its respective artists have no fear of stumbling down some of the most intimidating alleys of electronic music. Staying true to course, Milton Bradley’s Reality is Wrong shows no sign of lightening up.

For those who recall the carefully pitch bent tones and ephemeral atmospheres of Plastikman’s Consumed era, the eponymous track of this release might generate a certain amount of nostalgia. The effect is enhanced by massive reverb applied to subtle chords to create a cavernous sonic space, with a distinctively stone-like feel. “The Unbearable Lightness” enters with a rolling bass, similar to much of the modern drone techno of Prologue and their Italian brothers-in-arms Zooloft. The track is then filled out using modulating synthetic noises with a bitter acidic aftertaste.

The final track of the release, “Trapped in Eternity,” calls to mind images of chemical-induced despair. Acid synths and pumping low-pass filtered noise are structured around piercing metallic percussion. Bradley then ends the release with a solid minute of tastefully miserable drone that eerily resembles human voices.