Review: Andrei Morant – Blessed

The fourth Dystopian Rhythm EP is set to be released later this month, featuring three original tracks by Andrei Morant and a remix by Dystopian Rhythm label boss Garrett Dillon. The eponymous track starts with a funky, reverbed synth hook that plays by itself for a full minute, gradually opening before a heavy kick-and-hats pattern unexpectedly drops. Additional layers of gritty percussion are added as the track progresses, increasing the energy level without over-saturating its sound. The repetitive minimalism of the track allows the slightest variation, such as a double kick, to have a stunningly dramatic effect. By about halfway through, the track has melded together into an acidic banger, sure to please the warehouse crowds with an ear for harder techno.

The Garrett Dillon remix begins with subtle, almost aquatic atmospheres layered over a slightly broken beat kick drum pattern and bright high-hats. The track chugs along with a sort of paranoid funkiness to it, resulting in a slightly more drone-y feeling than the original. The EP’s third and fourth tracks, “Switch” and “Thirst,” are simplistic, distorted classicist techno tracks that reminds me of works by Truncate or EQD. Extremely stripped down and raw, the tracks both utilize short (polyrhythmic) synth loops gradually modulating as the track progresses.

At the end of the day, this is a collection of four valuable DJ tools for those inclined to play the harder events you might find at places like The Works in Detroit. It certainly fits the label’s modus operandi, and I anticipate these tracks will get a lot of use in the coming months.