Review: DJ Hyperactive – 25 Hours

Officially released earlier today by the lovely Droid Recordings, the first 12″ single in quite some time from Midwestern-legend-turned-California-techno-Messiah DJ Hyperactive (whom we recently interviewed here on Dub Monitor – check it out) has arrived!

The original mix of 25 Hours is a powerful big room track that probably only uses 5-7 channels, in signature Hyperactive style. The sole non-percussive ingredient in the track is a craftily styled analog synth note that uses a modulating filter to swell from a murmer to a more in-your-face, sawtooth-and-overdrive scrape. The tune marches along for a steady six minutes, with the exclusion of a micro-breakdown to make room for a drugged out voice slurring the words “25 houuuuursssss in a dayyyyyy,” before collapsing back into a minimalistic kick-bass-clap groove. Incidentally, this vocal clip is actually a great tool in itself; I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the Liebings and Hawtins of the world Traktor-looping this clip over other materials.

The release also features two remixes by the likes of Markus Suckut and Raiz. The Suckut remix retains the simplicity of the original track but softens its movement to a deeper alien shuffle. The choice of timbres and mixdown style result in a groove that reminds me of something Klockworks-esque, a la DVS1, Jonas Kopp, or Klock himself. The Raiz remix takes the energy back up with drifting loop of the “25” vocal repeating in a way startlingly reminiscent of Truncate’s famous “Modify” track. This incarnation of 25 Hours has more gliding movement in the bass area, enhancing the danceability of the track and matching their addictively fun style of DJing.

Overall, this is a very functional big room techno EP that will certainly please fans of labels like Klockworks, Droid, or Blank Code. Although my own tastes often skew towards the deep, dark, and dubby, I can appreciate the energy that an EP like this offers to big rooms (like that of my second home, The Works). And I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of it this summer here in Detroit.