Interview: Developer

Developer / Modularz

So let’s start things off with some news that’s exciting for the locals: you’ve got a gig coming up in Detroit, alongside a slew of other techno artists, at The Works. Will this be your first time playing in the city?

Yes, it would be my first time actually playing Detroit.

Ever managed to make it out to our Movement festival (formerly known as DEMF / Detroit Electronic Music Festival)?

I went to one of the first ones, forgot if it was 2nd or 3rd one. I remember spending one of the days sick in my hotel room from drinking too much 😉

Given the recent train of California-based techno artists playing in Detroit (Truncate/Audio Injection, Drumcell to name a few ), have you heard anything about playing here from any of those guys?

I actually haven’t heard a whole lot about Detroit recently, other than the festival, but I have seen some of the videos on YouTube and it looks like there’s some good events going on there.

A lot of your promotional material seems to focus on your DJ’ing ability, noting your 3-turntables-at-a-time, 40-tracks-an-hour pace. But now that your original productions are being listened to all over the globe, do you still view yourself primary as a DJ?

Yes, I’m a DJ first! I play mainly with Traktor nowadays, but still own my turntables and collect vinyl. It’s just too expensive with airline add-on costs and the hassle of lugging around 3 crates of vinyl while on tour. Someone asked my why I didn’t move to CDJ’s and I said I just felt if I was going to look ahead of vinyl then why only limit my self to the next possible medium? CD’s are cool but I think it’s much more interesting to me to look to where technology has taken things, hence my use of Traktor. It’s purely preference and what you want to do in terms of manipulation. When playing techno I still keep up with my old ways of pushing the momentum with a mixing style which is a much more aggressive method in performing, versus what has become the unfortunate norm with many producers turned DJ continuously using long breakdowns and build ups as the only way of transitioning to the next track, which is very boring to me.

Your productions have an essentially raw, “classic” techno sound to them. So I’ll ask you the same question I asked Truncate: is it done digitally or via analogue gear?

I use a computer to mix everything down and write tracks. I get my sounds from everywhere analog sources, digital, samples, field recording’s etc.

So besides Modularz, you are also releasing tracks through your “Developer Archive,” which appears to be vinyl-only at the moment. Can you tell us a bit more about this project? Are there any plans to make the Developer Archives available digitally? What distinguishes “Developer Archive” releases from normal Developer releases on Modularz?

Modularz is a various artist project. It was set up that way from the beginning. Not sure if that will change in the future, maybe for an album or something different but for now it’s a various artist project. Developer Archive is my solo project, hence the name Developer Archive ..I write tracks and choose certain ones that I feel fit and need to be put out its surely more focused for DJ’s that want to get to the point , tracks that need no introduction ..shit you can throw in quickly that get people moving. To be honest, I make and release everything for myself to play.  I have just been fortunate that people are really feeling my ideas and my taste in music. Hopefully more and more people get a greater understanding and get into a more competitive approach to mixing. My idea of the the Techno DJ/Performer is a steady combination of raw manipulation and continuous drive. I don’t like giving people constant breaks on the dance floor; this is my reason for short breaks in my tracks (if any at all). Plus all you need to do is turn the bass down on the EQ and there you go: a break. I began to release Developer Archive on vinyl because it’s exclusive, as well as a reminder of where I came from as a vinyl DJ, as well as creating a direct avenue directly to my music for a lot of DJ’s that still only buy vinyl and who rarely buy music released digitally. Although, recently I have began to make arrangements to begin slowly releasing D/A digitally. I’m working on this right now. I’m thinking sometime in summer or later in year –  keep ya ears open.

A while ago you released a 12″ on Spain’s Semantica Records (which then later saw a remix release). In my (largely irrelevant) opinion, this is some of your best work. How did you get involved with Semantica records? Any plans to continue working with them in the future?

Glad you enjoyed that release its one of my top 10 favorite releases as well… Enrique “Svreca” who runs Semantica does a great job both musically and aesthetically. When I approach any project outside of my own, I try and make something a bit different to try and adapt to what signifies that particular label’s sound. I have a lot of range as a DJ, so that really ties everything together. I have a few projects in the works for my labels as well as a few others…. I’m sure I will eventually have a chance to meet with Enrique at Semantica and talk about our ideas and see if something happens.

Alright, let’s wrap up with one final question: which up-and-coming artists and labels are you excited about?

I’m pretty much only excited for Modularz and all the original artists and remixers that contribute to the label, period.


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