Review: Claudio Masso – Timeless Vibes EP

The eponymous single from this EP is defined by its grooving bassline. For DJs, this driving foundation will make the track a go-to for building energy levels. Crisp, clean sound design gives the track a machined feel, with synthetic acid-and-helicopter “accent noises” dispersed throughout. Overall, I’d say this track gives off a “taking acid at a sweaty warehouse rave” sort of vibe that’s all the fun, without the cliches. The Alone in the Dark remix of the track leaves almost all of the samples from the original untouched, choosing to focus instead on the drums patterns. This mix brings the weird acid elements to the forefront of the mix, blending in the pads that were well hidden in the original mix. I would view this remix as something that could be aptly used to break the monotony of an otherwise 4/4 techno set, without diverging from essential techno moodiness. However, I am not sure I entirely understand the producer’s choices of volume modulation in this remix.

In “Cold Fire,” we witness Masso exploring the terrains of dubstep-influenced dub techno. Historic-sounding “radio vocal” samples give this track a retrospective feel and conjure images of early space missions. The repeated, echoing chords hitting relentlessly in the background lend a somber tone, reaffirmed by subdued pads floating in and out. Overall, this would be an excellent track for setting an initial theme in a mix or early evening DJ set.