Interview: Brendon Moeller

One of our favorite artists, Brendon Moeller, recently made a stop by Detroit to play alongside Jeff Derringer. After the release of his album “Works” on Electric Deluxe, Brendon has been touring around the world under the auspices of that fine label. We were lucky enough to grab his email address and get a few words from him.

Review: Claudio Masso – Timeless Vibes EP

The eponymous single from this EP is defined by its grooving bassline. For DJs, this driving foundation will make this track a go-to for building energy levels. Crisp, clean sound design gives the track a machined feel, with synthetic acid-and-helicopter “accent noises” dispersed throughout. Overall, I’d say this track gives off a “taking acid at a sweaty warehouse rave” sort of vibe that’s all the fun, without the cliches.

Interview: Perc

Over the last five years, Perc has solidified himself as an icon of hard and minimal techno. Not shying away from “negative beauty,” he has come to embrace the use of noise and drones in his recent productions, reminding us of Birmingham techno from the last couple of decades. His upcoming release “A New Brutality” exhibits his mastery of this style, and is due out on Perc Trax on June 29th, 2012.

Review: Mutate – Circle 1 EP

Blank Code

“Circle 1” is the first release by the new Detroit-based label Blank Code. Responsible for some incredible events around the city (including the mind-blowing Interface 36 DEMF afterparty featuring DVS1, Audio Injection, and Drumcell), Blank Code’s first cuts arrive with a high amount of anticipation.