Q: What is Dub Monitor?

Dub Monitor is a techno music journal currently being maintained by one primary author, Altstadt Echo, with a handful of guest authors appearing from time to time. It was co-founded with his good friend Patrick, who is currently focusing on other projects, but is likely to return to writing for Dub Monitor when the time comes.

Q: Why does Dub Monitor exist?

We’d like to provide an additional source of information for people interested in techno. Furthermore, we wanted to highlight up-and-coming artists that we believe deserve recognition, both in order to express our gratitude and perhaps help them succeed by marginally increasing their profile. Finally, we just have a lot of questions for artists and labels; not everything in techno happens out in the open.

Q: You guys don’t seem to give a lot of criticism. Do you just like everything indiscriminately?

Definitely not. But we also realized early on that it was not enjoyable to create a website that would make any artist feel bad, so we’ve instead just chosen to omit mentioning music we don’t like.

Q: Who is Altstadt Echo?

I’m the person currently maintaining the website and authoring the articles. I live a short drive outside of Detroit, and started the Dub Monitor project with Patrick after finishing my Master’s degree, when I had a lot of time on my hands before finding a job. Since then, I’ve also begun to contribute reviews to Resident Advisor. I’m also a DJ and producer; feel free to check out some of my work on the Blank Code label.

Q: Why don’t you guys cover other “dub” genres, like dub reggae or dubstep?

To put it simply, we don’t know enough about them.