7 Questions before Movement: Slam

“7 Questions before Movement” is an ongoing series in which we ask the same seven questions to as many artists playing at this year’s Movement Detroit festival (formerly known as “DEMF”) as we possibly can. The goal of this series is to familiarize festival goers with the styles and personalities of artists they can expect to see at the festival (because let’s be real – there’s always at least a few names we don’t recognize right away). Given that this is a techno-focused site, we’ll start out by seeing what artists in this genre have to say.

1. Have you been to the festival before, as a performers or just as a listeners? If so, what are your most distinct memories from the experience?

Yes, we were there in about the second or third year after it started Detroit. In inspiration terms, [Detroit] was our second home so it was pretty special to be there and experience it, and hang with all the Detroit producers. I remember being there clearly because we played in an underground building off the main plaza which seemed like a car park – could have been a shopping mall. The vibe was pretty intense when we started to play, pretty busy. But about 10 minutes into the set there was a thunder storm outside and it became insane inside, shouts of “Detroit Detroit” from the crowd.

2. Do you have any favorite classic Detroit techno tracks or artists?

Yes of course! Firstly Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kenny Larkin, and Kevin Saunderson – then Mike Banks, Robert Hood and of course Jeff Mills. Tracks that stand out are Rythim is Rythim – Nude Photo,

E-Dancer – World of Deep,

Robert Hood – The Pace,   

Jeff Mills – Reverting, 

and Groovin Without A Doubt by Kevin Saunderson. And too many more to mention!

3. Which artist or artists playing at the festival are you the most excited to see this year?

Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann Back to back should be pretty exiting. Also looking forward to hearing DVS1 and Silent Servant again.  

4. To give readers a sense of the style of music you play, please name three tracks you’ve been showcasing in your sets lately.

MTD – Ghain (Jeroen Search Remix)

Pfirter – Ahora (Jonas Kopp Remix)

[Editor’s Note: Weren’t able to track this one down – most likely not released yet]

Zadig – The Grip (Original Mix)

5. What kind of equipment will you be using for your set, and why do you prefer it? 

We play back to back with 2 mixers, 4 channels each with Tracktor and Maschine. There is a lot of talk of people using vinyl vs digital. We don’t get don’t get that hung up about that, as we cut our teeth for many years using vinyl. We feel the creativity and excitement we have with our current set up gives us the freedom to be liquid and realize our ideas in real time, and make these on the spot ideas come to fruition easily.

6. Electronic music is played in a lot of different contexts and atmospheres. Do you find yourselves more drawn to festivals, intimate club shows, or some other type of event? Do you find yourselves varying your style according to the type of event you’re playing at?

Actually we quite like festivals as we are used to working big rooms by now. We have our own event “T in the Park” in Scotland every summer and its for 10,000 people in the one tent.

We also have played Awakenings and Timewarp, etc. and really enjoy those too. Intimate shows are always cool though, and you definitely have to have different mindset for those. We have been lucky to have had residencies in some of the UK’s best clubs like Fabric in London which we play 4-5 hour sets starting from the beginning and it’s also the same at the Sub Club and our Pressure nights in Glasgow.

7. Can we expect to see you guys play at any afterparties this year?

No plans as yet, we have an early flight to LA on Sunday but never say never.

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