7 Questions before Movement: Luke Slater / Planetary Assault Systems

Luke Slater - Planetary Assault Systems

“7 Questions before Movement” is an ongoing series in which we ask the same seven questions to as many artists playing at this year’s Movement Detroit festival (formerly known as “DEMF”) as we possibly can. The goal of this series is to familiarize festival goers with the styles and personalities of artists they can expect to see at the festival (because let’s be real – there’s always at least a few names we don’t recognize right away). Given that this is a techno-focused site, we’ll start out by seeing what artists in this genre have to say.

1. Have you been to the festival before, as a performer or just as a listener? If so, what is your most distinct memory from the experience?

Nope, this year is the first time.

2. Do you have any favorite classic Detroit techno tracks or artists?

Yes of course! I still love to play Derrick May’s The Beginning and Is what It Is in long morning sets at Berghain.

Octave One, Drexciya, Galaxy to Galaxy, FInal Frontier, I could go on. These early records are fundamental. Full of passion.

3. Which artist or artists playing at the festival are you the most excited to see this year?

Most of the Underground stage artists actually.

4. To give readers a sense of the style of music you play, please name three tracks you’ve been showcasing in your sets lately.

When I’m Djing, a lot of PSYK, Mike Parker, Ostgut Ton records, Robert Hood, Reeko, Function to name a few, apart from my own and the Mote-Evolver releases. It’s a small selection really and depends on what event I’m doing. After parties usually get more heady. And for P.A.S. Live is P.A.S. music only; recent releases, some classics and new stuff!

5. Electronic music is played in a lot of different contexts and atmospheres. Do you find yourself more drawn to festivals, intimate club shows, or some other type of event? Do you find yourself varying your style according to the type of event you’re playing at?

It all depends on the setting and the audience. P.A.S. Live focuses more around the festivals and I love playing the live shows there. DJ wise I love smaller clubs as well as larger events, but in a smaller venue I usually get to go deeper and more exploratory which is very satisfying as an artist, it’s a two way thing always though between the performer and the audience. I don’t think you always have to jump around like a monkey to entertain but sometimes it feels right and you can’t help it.

7. Can we expect to see you play at any afterparties this year?

Absolutely, will be DJing at the official Movement afterparty on the Sunday, with Silent Servant, Raiz, Project 313, DJ Hyperactive, Rodhad and others at the Works. Looking forward to the 26th and to Detroit!