7 Questions before Movement: DJ Psycho

DJ Psycho

“7 Questions before Movement” is an ongoing series in which we ask the same seven questions to as many artists playing at this year’s Movement Detroit festival (and its afterparties) as we possibly can. The goal of this series is to familiarize festival goers with the styles and personalities of artists they can expect to see around the festival (because let’s be real – there’s always at least a few names we don’t recognize right away). Next up is Detroit Techno Militia member DJ Psycho. 

Have you been to the festival before, as a performer or just as a listener? If so, what is your most distinct memory from the experience?

I’ve been to the festival every year since its inception. I’ve taken notice of the themes that the event has taken every year, especially since Paxahau took the reins. There’s a level of education that takes place that I love, and I’m glad that I’ve contributed to that process.

The one memory that sticks out for me is the first year that I played Movement (2011), I was surrounded by legends in the game…people whose records I had bought for years on end, and I was treated as a peer. I felt like I arrived.

Do you have any favorite classic Detroit techno tracks or artists?

Reese and Santonio “How To Play Our Music”

Rhythim is Rhythim “Kaos (Juice Box Mix)”[Editor’s Note: We couldn’t find a streamable copy of the Juice Box remix, so a different version is included below]

J.Garcia “I Got People”

Anything by Vice/Jay Denham

Really, picking out favorite Detroit tracks is kinda hard. 30-plus years of incredible music is hard to pare down.

Based on what’s been announced so far, which artists playing at the festival are you the most excited to see this year?

I wanna see everyone. Most importantly, I wanna take a picture with Carl Cox just to prove to my friends that we’re not the same person. (Haha)

To give readers a sense of the style of music you play, please name three tracks you’ve been showcasing in your sets lately.

That….is Mission Impossible. I play a different style of music with every set that I play….so what I’m playing at the festival would probably be something I’m not sick of playing at the time.

What was your most recent release, and where can readers find it?

I released a mixtape (an actual cassette) last August called “Ferric Oxide”, which is available on my label Convergent Sound’s Bandcamp page. I also have a new collaboration between myself, DJ Di’Jital, DJ Maaco and Lenn Swann called “Alien Revolution II”, which is coming out on vinyl the week of the festival. There’s lots of things on the horizon from Convergent Sound….and I’m finally working on my debut record on DTM.

What kind of equipment will you be using for your set, and why do you prefer it?

I’m simply records, turntables and mixer. Pretty basic. It’s not that I’m a technology snob….it’s because I like records. I’ve collected them since I was 3, and if I go a week without getting some vinyl, I get all sickly inside. It’s a happy obsession. I even buy records at the festival.

Will you be playing at any afterparties this year?

The Bang Tech 12 party…that right there! Outside of that, I don’t know yet. Bookings are funny things. I usually avoid them on the years that I play the festival, but since I have records to push this year, I may change tack.